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Deafness Cure Center was founded by Praveen Surana before 50 years. It is the best provide hearing loess treatment in India. With years of hard work and research, this exceptional Neuro-home Pharmacy treatment for curing deafness was developed. He considers this as a social cause and so this microfine treatment done at reasonable fees which can be easily afforded by people.

It is important to note that this cure can be accomplished without any kind of surgery, operation and side effect.

Deafness Treatment is carried out under supervision of expert doctors.

For the people who can’t afford expensive surgeries, this microfine quick treatment or ‘अनुसुध चिकित्सा' is proved to be a ‘blessing’.

Hearing loss has become one of the most common problems affecting up to 1 newborn in 500, and child in every 300 by the age of 4. Genetically hearing loss is inherited to 1 out of 1000 newborns. On the further stages of life, hearing loss is caused due to exposure to chronic infection, noise pollution, chemical infection. Along with this Age-Related Hearing Impartment (ARHI) is also prevailing among elderly people and with that it also affected all individuals. Almost every person has hearing problem which may be caused due to noise pollution, infection or/and aging.

Praveen Surana has invented Deafness cure for hearing loss treatment in India for curing every kind hearing impartment. Deafness due to dryness of nerves, congenital deafness and deafness due to aging can be cured through microfine quick treatment without any kind of operation.

It is said that deafness is incurable impartment but we have proved this wrong with our pure medicine.

We assure you that this treatment will change your life. Once you feel change in your hearing sense after one hour of our basic treatment, you can pay the full amount of fees and continue with the treatment.

Patients come with pain and hopelessness and we sent them with the amazing smile on their face.

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